An asphalt parking lot or driveway is an investment that will provide you with benefits for years to come and will pay for itself before you know it. An asphalt parking lot can usually be laid in just a few days, depending on the size of the project, which can save you money. Concrete usually takes twice as long to install (and even longer to set and cure). Depending on the season, your asphalt parking lot can be ready for use in only two days, whereas a concrete parking lot can take up to a week to be ready to use. A new parking lot adds to the brand of your business. First impressions are important… Before your customer even sets foot into your building they see and drive on your parking lot.


Open graded asphalt allows water to drain through the surface. This reduces the amount of splash made from vehicles and water drainage during cold and freezing temperatures cause icy roads. This drainage of an asphalt parking lot will result in less chances of cars and people slipping on your property. Asphalt being smooth gives car tires better contact and also better skid resistant and its lot markings are more visual because of the black color.


Across the United States, more than two million miles of paved road exists, and more than 90% of them are surfaced with asphalt material. Needless to say, asphalt is our country’s pavement of choice. Asphalt pavement is widely universal with several different applications. It is used to pave driveways, outdoor sport courts, parking lots, interstates, highways, roads, racetracks, airport runways, and even roof shingles. It is a durable and sustainable pavement with a versatile profile.

Noise Reduction

One important way noise can be reduced is by using asphalt for pavement. A dense-graded hot-mix asphalt (HMA) pavement is as quiet at 100 ft. away from the road as cement concrete (PCC) is at 200 ft. away. One asphalt mix, called open-graded friction courses (OGFC), is especially helpful in reducing noise because it is porous. It has a higher ratio of air voids, which helps water runoff but also helps absorb road noise.


On average, asphalt remains intact for 25 years; however, there are numerous factors that can affect its lifespan, such as the climate, traffic and whether or not the owner performs routine maintenance.

Maintenance of Asphalt

When an asphalt surface appears gray and shows signs of drying out, then it’s time for the asphalt surface to be seal-coated with a commercial grade asphalt sealer product and the proper seal coating equipment to rejuvenate and protect the asphalt surface from the elements. Asphalt does not show stains as bad as concrete, is easier to repair cracks and can be resealed fairly easily, making it a low-maintenance option.

Increases Your Property Value

Improving the exterior of your property increases the value by up to 5%. If you use porous asphalt which is a go green material you will save money on installation and you can also boost your property value by the use of green infrastructure. There are several advantages of asphalt, which is why it is such as prevalent paving material all across the world. It is the most recycled material in the country. It is environmentally-friendly for its recyclable capacities.

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