The most frequent asked question of an asphalt company is “How much will this project cost me?” Every paving project is different and only rough estimates can be given until all the variable of each particular project are considered. Here we would like to list most variable that can affect paving cost.

Soil Condition

The type of soil in the area to be paved plays a vital role in influencing asphalt paving costs. The kind of soil has a direct impact on the type of sub grade that will be used to support the load which will be transmitted from the pavement. The cost of paving increases with the increase in sub-grade thickness. Depending on the strength of the soil, it may also need to be stabilized. Soil stabilization is the process in which the underlying soil’s chemical and physical properties are altered to enhance the soil strength enough to create a level, long-lasting paved surface. Sometimes the soil needs compaction to remove excess air from the soil and make it more dense.

Type of Usage

Your asphalt may only need to be a few inches thick if you never have heavy trucks driving on the area you are having paved. If heavy trucks ever drive on the area, the paving needs to be thicker to withstand the pressure. The thicker the asphalt the more it can withstand and the longer it will last.

Size of Project

This is the largest factor to consider. The larger the area that needs to be paved, the more asphalt the project will require, and the more overall costs will be. The number of layers you add will also play a role. Each coat can add around $1+ per square foot. The shape of the area to be paved also can change the price.

Typical Estimator’s Factors to look for…

  • Problem areas
  • Overhead obstructions
  • How much traffic to you have
  • How much weight is expected
  • Obstructions that will need to be removed
  • Utilities under the surface

All of these things along with the repair methods have an impact on the cost of your paving project. We hope these examples of the variables give you a better idea of why estimates are not exact until the site is analyzed.

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