If you are considering asphalt installation or asphalt repair do you know what to look for in an asphalt paving estimate? With so many companies to choose from it can be difficult to determine which contractor to choose. We would like to give you a few facts and information you need to find the right asphalt contractor for your project. The following are the things every good asphalt paving estimate should include…

On Site Inspection

An experienced contractor will visit your home or business to see the work site in person. It may be possible to give dimensions and come up with an estimate but an on site inspection is best. This will create a more accurate estimate and and have the contractor understand exactly what the project entails.

Evaluate Your Unique Needs

Just remember you opinion matters, so be sure and ask question and make sure you understand the process start to finish. Getting the right scope of work is an essential first step in the paving process. Identifying the most important aspects of a project should be priority number one. Once you’ve figured out what is essential, you can discuss those elements that could be beneficial to the project but aren’t essential. You can then make sure you’re getting everything you want given your budget. The contractor should make sure you understand the steps of the asphalt repair or replacement.

Drainage Is One of the Key Factors

Surface water is the key cause of asphalt failure, which is why it is important that storm water management is the first consideration in the installation process. Without proper drainage your asphalt may be susceptible to premature cracking, potholes, and damage. Standing water is one of asphalt’s biggest enemies.

Types of Asphalt Materials

There are five different types of asphalt pavement that you may consider. Your experienced contractor should talk to you abut the appropriate asphalt material for your specific job. No matter what your needs may be make sure your contractor talks about the materials with you.

  • Porous Asphalt – Porous asphalt has been around since the mid 1970s. This type of asphalt is used in parking lots to enable water to drain through the pavement. This pavement solution is cost-effective and can last for more than twenty years.
  • Perpetual Pavement – Perpetual pavement is a combination of asphalt and the multi-layer paving design process. They are durable and long-lasting. Installation of perpetual pavement is not time-consuming or traffic-disrupting.
  • Quiet Pavement – Paving roads with asphalt significantly reduces the noise inside and outside of homes and businesses. Switching up the pavement of a noisy road with stone-matrix asphalt or open-grade friction course mix has been proven to reduce highway noise.
  • Warm-Mix Asphalt – Warm-mix asphalt is produced the same way that hot-mix asphalt is, except it is 50-100 degrees Fahrenheit lower. Reducing the temperature of the asphalt has a few benefits. These include reducing fuel consumption and the production of greenhouse gases.
  • Thin Overlays – Thin overlays improve ride quality and reduce pavement distress, noise levels, and life-cycle costs. It is produced by using warm-mix asphalt and recycled materials.

Good Customer Service

Good communication is the key to any good partnership. When you are looking to hire a asphalt paving contractor it is not too much to expect good customer service. The contractor should give you a step by step outline of the project and the time frame of the procedure.

What References I Can Call?

A paving contractor can say they’re good at anything. Their references are a lot less likely to bend the truth. Sure, they’re going to pick references that had a good experience. But if they have a long list of happy, well-known clients that have nice things to say, it can make you more confident to add your name to that list. Most reputable contractors will have a list of customer testimonials and referral information to share with you.

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